Vaulted cellar invites to a cosy get-together

Cellar renovation in traditional hotel on the Moselle

Historic cellar rooms have a special charm. A highlight in the traditional hotel "Mosella" is the tithe house vault of the historic half-timbered house on the Moselle. Therefore, the owners decided to have it expertly renovated.

The self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932 was chosen for the cellar floor. Its direct-use surface provides a modern contrast to the historic ambience. The original brickwork was integrated into the design of the new restaurant area. As a result, the vaulted cellar retains its original character and invites guests to enjoy future meals and wine tastings in convivial company.

Building site:
Family owned hotel

Completion date:
June 2020

Private owner

Weber Department for Application Technology