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Most frequently asked questions about the BlueComfort product family


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FAQ’s relating to the BlueComfort family

The BlueComfort products are based on an eco-friendly composition and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. This product family was developed to minimize CO₂ emissions and preserve resources. Through their sustainable properties, they support climate protection and contribute to Saint-Gobain Weber's sustainability strategy. 

weber.xerm 840 and weber.xerm 842 differ in some properties and fields of application. weber.xerm 842 is a flexible tile adhesive that is particularly suitable for demanding substrates. weber.xerm 840 is a high-performance tile adhesive that can level out unevenesses and defects up to 10 mm. It is suitable for laying tiles on normal substrates.

Both tile adhesives are characterized by good workability.

The yield of the BlueComfort tile adhesives in comparison with other products is very high. Their special composition allows them to be used efficiently, so that a small amount of adhesive is sufficient for a large area. This saves material costs and reduces waste. The exact yield can vary depending on the application field and the substrate.

Alternative binders are used for the production of the BlueComfort tile adhesives. This makes in particular weber.xerm 842 significantly more skin-friendly than other adhesives of class C2 TE / S1 and label-free as a non-skin-irritating product.

In addition to their specific chemical formulation, the production in a Weber plant that has reduced its CO₂ emissions by 90% since 2017 also contributes to the eco-balance of the BlueComfort products. For reaching this goal different measures like installation of photovoltaic panels, optimization of production processes and switch to green electricity. Furthermore, regional raw materials are used for the production of the BlueComfort materials, which protects the environment and strengthens the local economy at the same time.

Further links to the BlueComfort product family

Fliesenleger trägt den Sack des weber.xerm 842 aus der BlueComfort-Produktfamilie über die Schulter
BlueComfort Product Family

BlueComfort product family

Discover true sustainability with the innovative BlueComfort product family - outstanding life cycle assessment & unsurpassed processing properties.

Detailaufnahme der Verarbeitung eines BlueComfort Fliesenklebers mit einer Zahnkelle
BlueComfort Product Family

BlueComfort is synonymous with sustainability

We have long emphasized the importance of sustainability of our products. We introduced the first CO₂-reduced BlueComfort tile adhesives as early as 2012.

Systemaufbau für Fliesen- und Natursteinverlegung mit BlueComfort Produkten
BlueComfort Product Family

BlueComfort systems

Whether for laying natural stones or tiles on bonded waterproofing systems – the BlueComfort systems offer the perfect solution for every room.

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BlueComfort Product Family

Application of BlueComfort-products

The products of the BlueComfort family convince not only through their sustainability, but also through their application flexibility, cost-efficiency and processing quality.