Fine-graded textured coatings on weber.therm ETICS and weber.dur base coats

Creative architects, planners and builders have a growing interest in realizing fine-graded surfaces on base coat renders (underlay renders) or on external thermal insulation composite systems. With the help of the "Ticino" method, it is possible to fulfill this wish.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. On underlay render (base coat)

    1. Apply a lightweight render, like the lightweight lime-cement underlay render weber.dur 132. Leave its surface as required for the specific overlay render (top coat). Waiting time > 14 days. For better stability, we recommend applying a full-surface reinforcement layer.

  2. On ETICS

    2. Place a double reinforcement layer consisting of an appropriate reinforcing mortar and woven mesh over the external thermal insulation composite system. Respect a delay of at least 7 days between each reinforcement layer.

  3. 3. On the base coat, apply an ETICS full surface. Then apply the first layer of reinforced render consisting of the bonding and reinforcing mortar weber.therm 300 and the woven mesh weber.therm 310. After a waiting time of 1 week, apply the second layer consisting of weber.therm 300 and weber.therm 310.


    4. The first layer of the overlay render weber.pas 431 AquaBalance (dispersion-based floated top render) or weber.pas 481 AquaBalance (silicone resin floated top render) is applied in a thickness of 1.5 mm (corresponding to its grain size) and ruled level, but it is left untextured.

  5. 5. Next day the second layer of the overlay render weber.pas 431 or weber.pas 481 AquaBalance is trowelled to grain size thickness (0.5 mm or 1.0 mm) and textured.


    6. Alternative: apply the lightweight mineral fine-grained overlay render 261 AquaBalance in approx. 3 mm thickness over the second reinforcement layer and smooth with a fine or a coarse sponge float.


    7. After an adequate waiting time, apply the silicate fixative weber.prim 406 as primer on top of 261 AquaBalance and subsequently coat with a coloured paint, like the silicate egalizing paint weber.ton 414 AquaBalance (eventually 2 coats).


    8. The organic overlay renders weber.pas 431 AquaBalance or weber.pas 481 AquaBalance can be painted with weber.ton 411 AquaBalance (silicone resin paint).




    9. On top of the silicone resin floated top render weber.pas 481 AquaBalance a paint is not necessary. On top of the mineral floated top render 223 AquaBalance we recommend a paint, e.g. the silicate paint weber.ton 410 AquaBalance (eventually in 2 coats) after an appropriate waiting time.

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