Over-working of painted or wallpapered interior plasters with lime plaster

Mineral or organic plasters with non-elastic coatings can be over-worked with textured lime plasters without difficulty. Wallpapers must be removed beforehand, as they do not have the sufficient load-bearing capacity for plasters and common wallpaper pastes do not have sufficient strength when wet (exception: firmly bonded fiberglass wallpapers; refer to the application tip "Over-working of fiberglass wallpapers with lime plaster".

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Application

    1. In case of very smooth surfaces or walls that have been covered with wallpapers, the isolating primer (indoors) weber.prim 404 must be used.


    2. Spray/apply the textured lime plaster weber.cal 286 for levelling purpose and strike off in a thickness of 2-3 mm.


    3. After sufficient waiting time (at least 1 day) apply weber.cal 286 as a topcoat and smooth with a fine or a coarse sponge float, depending on the required texture.

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