Plastering over old tile backsplashes with lime plaster

The textured lime plaster 286 offers the easy possibility to give ugly tiles in bathrooms or kitchens between upper and lower cupboards a new decorative appearance. Since the lime plaster has a much higher water vapour absorption than the tiled surfaces, the room climate is also positively influenced. However, this application is limited to areas that are not exposed to splash water.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Application

    1. Remove fats and clean the tile surfaces thoroughly.


    2. Then apply the bonding primer weber.prim 803, which provides a sufficient bonding with the non-porous substrate.


    3. After drying the primer, spray/apply 286 and strike off in a thickness of 2-3 mm. After sufficient waiting time (at least 1 day) apply 286 as a topcoat and smooth with a fine or a coarse sponge float, depending on the required texture.

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