Professional plastering of wall panel heating systems

In addition to the familiar heating systems, such as wall radiators or underfloor heating, vertical heating systems, such as wall heating panels, are gaining an increasing market share. The materials that can be used depend on the design and build-up of the heating system. The following describes the plastering of wall panel heating systems that are installed directly on the wall.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Before plastering, the heating system must be pressurized.

  2. 2. Best practice is to use the lime underlay plaster 172 due to its very good biological properties.

  3. 3. The first layer of the underlay render will cover flush the heating pipes.

  4. 4. After first stiffening, apply a second layer "wet-in-wet" in 5 mm thickness.

  5. 5. After a waiting time of 14 days, apply a bonding and reinforcing mortar, for ex. weber.therm 300 and the woven mesh weber.therm 310.

  6. 6. After another waiting time of approx. 7 days, apply a mineral overlay render, such as the lightweight mineral fine-grained top render weber.star261 AquaBalance and work to the individual texture by smoothing the fresh render.

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