Refurbishment of an assembly hall in record time

Extremely resilient floor installed in one day - with innovative concrete replacement mortar

The application company ISM in Bochum works with large building components for all types of balconies and needs sufficient space, and an extremely load-bearing floor in their assembly hall.

Therefore, the client decided to use the new flow-grade and pumpable concrete repair mortar and levelling compound for 10 - 80 mm thicknesses weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow. It combines high strength with simple and fast processing. The pumpable concrete replacement mortar is mixed on-site in the screed pump Weber MixMobil and pumped directly by hose. Since the professionals of ISM are themselves involved in the construction industry, they took over the floor construction on their own - and were enthusiastic. Thanks to the pumpable and flow-grade material of Saint-Gobain Weber, they installed the floor on the area of approx. 300 m² in just a few hours and were able to use the hall again after a few days.

Building site:
Assembly hall

February 2021

Investor and applicator:
ISM GmbH, Bochum

300 m²