Renovation of an old barn

Old barn ready for new use - with flow-grade and pumpable concrete replacement mortar

With the purchase of an old farmhouse in Heiden (North Rhine-Westphalia), the owners fulfilled a long-desired wish. To achieve this, they accepted that the buildings on the 4.000 m² property were in serious need of renovation.

The old barn on the site, which will serve as a garage with an attached workshop in the future, therefore needs a robust floor. For the floor works, the innovative concrete replacement mortar weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow was mixed on-site with the machine Weber DuoMix ready for processing and afterwards pumped by hose directly onto the floor surface. Thanks to the pumpable and flow-grade material of Saint-Gobain Weber, the renovation was completed in half a day - and without heavy bag lugging and tedious manual mixing.

Building site:
Barn, Heiden

70 m²

October 2020