Renovation of an old barn

Old barn ready for new use - with flowable and pumpable concrete replacement mortar


With the purchase of an old farmhouse in Heiden, North Rhine-Westphalia, the owners fulfilled a long-desired wish. To achieve this, they accepted that the buildings on the 4,000 m² property were in serious need of renovation.

The old barn on the site, which will serve as a garage with an attached workshop in the future, therefore needs a robust floor. For the floor work, the innovative concrete replacement mortar weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow was mixed on site with the Weber DuoMix machine ready for processing and then pumped directly onto the surface with the hose. With the material ready to flow and pump, the renovation was completed in half a day - and without heavy bag lugging and tedious manual mixing.

Barn, Heiden, Germany

70 m²

Oct. 2020