Laying of facade decorative profiles

To restore the original appearance of the facade after the ETICS has been installed, the most economical solution is to use facade decorative profiles. The profiles are made of coated polystyrene or a mineral lightweight material. For re-adjustment, the design elements are documented and measured before dismantling.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. The substrate can be dry or damp, but it must be solid, load-bearing gypsum free and quite flat. Follow the Weber instructions for substrate preparation.

  2. 2. Measure and mark the profiles on the facade according to the plan.

  3. 3. Cut the profiles with a special hard foam saw. Larger profiles require the use of an electric band saw.

  4. 4. Apply the temperature-independent setting flexible adhesive weber.xerm 859 F full-surface in the floating-buttering method with a notched trowel (8-10 mm)

  5. 5. Without delay comb down a uniform adhesive bed with the notched trowel at an angle of 45° - 60°.

  6. 6. Remove the protruding adhesive. In case of horizontal profiles, use the protruding material weber.xerm 859 F for rounding it in a groove form.

  7. 7. Pre-wet the joints and subsequently fill them with the PU filling foam weber.therm 345.

    Joint width of 4 - 5 mm for profile width of up to approx. 15 cm.
    Joint width of 6 - 8 mm for profile width of up to approx. 30 cm.
    Joint width of 8 - 10 mm for profile width over approx. 30 cm.


  8. 8. After hardening, the protruding foam is cut in V shape with a cutting knife.

  9. 9. The V-shaped joint is filled with an acrylic sealant, like weber.fug 888.

  10. 10. Depending on final design quartz sand can be scattered over the joints.

  11. 11. As finish the profiles are painted twice with the silicone resin paint weber.ton 411 AquaBalance.

    Alternative: the silicone resin filler weber.ton 415 can be used as first coat.

  12. 12. In case of solid elements of bonded lightweight material the preparation works, the laying and the coating of the profiles are carried out in the same way as for the EPS decorative profiles. Depending on the size, projection and weight of profiles, an additional dowelling is necessary.

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