Laying of glass tiles

Glass tiles are a high-quality and very attractive installation material. For full appreciation of the beauty of this covering a number of points must be taken into account during their installation and the correct adhesive and grout must be selected. The smooth and dense surface does not offer conventional laying mortars sufficient possibility of adhesion. Therefore, highly polymer-modified adhesives must be used for bonding. Cutting and processing cut edges or making penetrations requires a lot of care and, if necessary, special tools. In addition, glass tiles, especially in wet-duty areas, must be laid with a maximal contact surface with the substrate (full-saturation bedding) so as to avoid colour differences.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Substrate preparation

    The load-bearing substrate is primed with weber.prim 801 (absorbent substrates ) or weber.prim 803 (non-absorbent substrates). The quick-drying multi-use primer weber.prim 804 can also be used for pre-treatment of all substrates.

  2. Application

    1. After the levelling layer has dried, apply a contact layer, such as weber.xerm 854 (flexible lightweight tile adhesive) or 861 (multi-use flexible tile adhesive). Without delay comb down a uniform adhesive bed with the notched trowel at an angle of 45° - 60°.

  3. 2. Prior to fixing of glass tiles on the smooth substrate, their whole backside is covered full-surface with the pre-said tile adhesive.

  4. 3. An adhesive bead is applied on the tile edge in order to ensure that the grout can be applied in a uniform depth. After the tile adhesive has set, the joints are carefully scraped free with a wooden wedge and cleaned.

  5. 4. After this, the glass tiles are laid in the fresh tile adhesive and pressed in such a way that a maximal contact surface with the substrate (full-saturation bedding) is achieved.

  6. 5. The glass tiles are cut with a diamond or glass cutting tool on the glass side. All cut edges must be ground.

  7. 6. Cut-outs are to be made with electric cutting machines with water cooling.*)

  8. Grouting

    After hardening of the tile adhesive, the joints between tiles can be grouted with the premium grout weber.fug 875 BlueComfort. The material must be washed off with an appropriate sponge in order to prevent the joints from washing out too much.

  9. . *) For installation of glass tiles refer also to the instructions of the manufacturer, for ex. Saint-Gobain Glass, SGG Feeling

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