Tile fixing on old tiles indoors

Often, old tile coverings are damaged or no longer visually appealing, so there is a desire to redesign them. However, removing old ceramic coverings is complicated, expensive and very time-consuming. This effort can be minimized by using modern installation materials. Saint-Gobain Weber offers solutions for faster and safer re-design of old tile coverings.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Substrate preparation

    1. Adhesion-impairing contaminants on the tile surface must be carefully removed. Fatty and oily particles are to be removed with a fat-solving cleaning agent.

  2. 2. If any hollow parts, use the quick-setting levelling and repair mortar weber.plan 818.

  3. Application

    1. First, use the primer weber.prim 803 on old load-bearing tile surface.

  4. 2. After drying of the primer, apply a scratch coat, such as the multi-use flexible tile adhesive weber.xerm 861 with a flat trowel. Immediately after, comb the adhesive with a notched trowel in an angle of 45 - 60 °.

  5. Tile fixing

    Before a skin starts to form (check the tackiness of combed down tile adhesive with the finger) slide the tiles into the fresh mortar bed and press down. Scrape the joints before the tile adhesive hardens.

  6. Grouting

    After hardening of the tile adhesive, the joints between tiles can be grouted with the water- and dirt-repellent Longlife premium grout weber.fug 875 BlueComfort. This grout is characterized by a high resistance to sanitary cleaners.

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