Basement renovation of two-family house

Professional renovation and waterproofing of damp cellar rooms

The subsequent waterproofing of a two-family house in the city of Langenhagen from the 1960s, described here is typical for many renovations in the private sector. The owner noticed that the rising damp was damaging the building structure. This was a case for the restoration contractor innotech of the city of Burgwedel.

After inspecting the rooms and checking the damage, the professionals advised a subsequent masonry repair of the internal side of the basement walls (also known as negative waterproofing). First, the floor along the rising wall was removed and renovated. After this, a substrate pre-treatment was carried out along the wall, followed by the formation of a groove in the internal angle between the concrete slab and basement wall with a specific groove mortar.

Afterwards the innotech team applied a levelling and watertight mortar over the entire area. Finally, a sprayed stipple coat and a mineral, damp-proof renovation plaster were applied. All in all, this renovation measure took only 3 days to implement. The result: a dry and usable basement in the long term.

Building site:
Two-family house

Project type:
Residential flats

Completion date:
November 2015

Private owner

innotech GmbH, Ehlbeek 17, 30938 Burgwedel