Concrete repair of walls and facades

Concrete protects the existing steel reinforcement from corrosion due to its alkalinity (ph-value 14). External influences, such as water, carbon dioxide and salt stress, reduce the alkalinity, depending on the type and features of the concrete. As soon as the natural corrosion protection of the reinforcing steel is lost due to this carbonation, damage, e.g spalling due to steel corrosion will be visible. The concrete must then be repaired urgently in order to prevent further damage. Weber offers innovative, tested concrete replacement and surface protection systems. The concrete replacement system weber.rep duo also fulfils the highest requirement class of EN 1504-3 - Class R 4.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Careful preliminary investigations, such as measurement of the concrete cover, carbonation depth, strength tests are basic pre-requisites for the success of the renovation.

  2. 2. Correct substrate preparation, e.g. by solid blasting.

  3. 3. Ready prepared broken area and cleaned steel reinforcement.
    The tensile strength (pull-off strength) of the substrate must be at least 1.5 N/mm². The exposed steel bars by sand blasting must be de-rusted up to the brightness scale SA 2 ½.

  4. 4. Double application of the corrosion protection coat weber.rep KB duo.

  5. 5. Intensive pre-wetting of the whole broken area.

  6. 6. Scrub the bonding layer weber.rep KB duo on the dull-moist substrate.

  7. 7. The concrete replacement mortar is applied "wet-in-wet" in-wet onto the fresh bonding layer weber.rep KB duo.

  8. 8. Re-profiling of the breakout.

  9. 9. After drying of the mortar, pre-wet the whole surface intensively.

  10. 10. As reprofiling mortar, apply weber.rep R4 duo on the dull-moist substrate in a layer thickness of 2 - 5 mm.

  11. 11. After approx. 15 - 90 minutes depending on weather conditions smooth the mortar layer with a damp, fine-pored sponge float.

  12. 12. Surface protection system with a carbonation-inhibiting paint. After hardening of weber.rep R 4 duo, as fairing coat mortar apply 2 coats of the protection paint weber.tec 771.

  13. 13. Surface protection system with a coating against carbonation and de-icing salts After hardening of weber.rep R 4 duo, as fairing coat mortar apply 2 coats of the protection coating weber.tec 772.

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