Decorative balcony waterproofing with the range weber.dry PUR

Liquid resins as waterproofing and waterproofing systems score points, in particular, for their durability and low maintenance requirements.

But their processing is also easy. The waterproofing systems weber.dry PUR are open to pedestrian traffic after only 1 day. With the weber balcony system 2-in-1, the system build-up is even faster. This minimizes disruptions to tenants and residents caused by renovation works.

Simple & fast

  1. Substrate preparation: remove the adhesion-impairing particles and substances.

  2. Create a groove with the watertight mortar weber.tec 933 in the angles between floor and walls.

  3. Apply the 2-comp. transparent EP resin primer weber.prim EP 2K on the substrate.

  4. Waterproofing of detail points, like wall/floor with the 1-comp. fiber-reinforced and non-sag PU waterproofing coating weber.dry PUR details.

  5. Application of the balcony waterproofing: either the 1-comp. solvent-based PU waterproofing coating weber.dry PUR seal or the 1-comp. water-based PU waterproofing coating weber.dry PUR seal aqua on the hardened priming coat.

  6. Application of the coloured topcoat: either the 1-comp. solvent-based, wear- and UV-resistant PU topcoat weber.dry PUR coat traffic or the 1-comp. walkable, solvent-free and UV-resistant PU topcoat weber dry PUR coat aqua.

  7. Scattering of coloured PVC chips weber.floor 4919 "wet-in-wet" on the pre-said sealer.

  8. After drying of the sealer apply the 1-comp. transparent and UV-resistant PU sealer weber.dry PUR trans over the surface scattered with PVC chips.

  9. Alternative: surface design with coloured quartz stones

    The coloured quartz stones are scattered full-surface on the fresh contact layer, for ex. weber.dry PUR seal / weber.dry PUR seal aqua. After drying, the surface is coated with the sealer weber.dry PUR trans.

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