Masonry renovation in exclusive residential complex

Three residential buildings from the 1960s on Bockenheimer Landstraße in Francfort were completely stripped and extensively renovated. The architect implemented a future-oriented energy concept with facade insulation, triple glazing, a combined heat and power unit and charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars. A high-quality interior design rounded off the exclusive property. The developer reacted with corresponding alarm when damage due to rising damp appeared on the basement walls. After consulting specialists of Saint-Gobain Weber, the owner commissioned the contractor D. Fröhlich to waterproof the masonry on its internal side. First, 30 cm of the screed was removed and the masonry was exposed and cleaned.

After creating a groove at the internal angle between concrete slab and basement wall, the professionals for building preservation installed a horizontal barrier against rising damp. To do this, they drilled holes with an interval of 8 - 12 cm below the basement ceiling, which they filled with the injection cream weber.tec 946. On top of this, they applied a levelling patching mortar and a waterproofing slurry in 3 working steps. After hardening, a bondcoat, a 30 mm- thick damp-proof renovation plaster and, finally, a textured lime plaster as finish were applied. The result: a reliable waterproofing of basement rooms that match the high-quality ambience.

Building site:
Masonry renovation in exclusive residential complex

Project type: 
Residential building

Internal waterproofing approx. 550 m2

Completion date:
May 2015

OperaOne AG

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