Protecting timber constructions from humidity

Socket waterproofing with weber.tec Superflex D 24

Timber-framed buildings are becoming increasingly popular. Especially in such construction projects, it is important to ensure adequate moisture protection, as was the case with three semi-detached houses in Laufach in Lower Franconia. There, the Keller carpentry team first applied a self-bonding watertight foil in the socket area. This was followed by waterproofing with the 2-comp. reactive thick coating weber.tec Superflex D 24, which was applied seamless over the entire surface and in trough form over the earth-contacting building parts and the socket parts subject to splash water.

weber.tec Superflex D 24 can be applied on conventional masonries as well as wooden surfaces. It provides long-term protection against rising damp; another asset of the product is its protection against locally occurring radon gas.

Building site:
Semi-detached house

Project type:
Waterproofing of facade socket parts

Completion date:
February 2020

Zimmerei Keller, Laufach

Zimmerei Keller, Laufach