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Detailaufnahme einer Holzfaserplatte für das weber.therm circle WDV-System

New: weber.therm circle has also been available with wood fibre boards since March 2024. With this innovative recyclable system, builders and planners now also have the option of choosing wood fibre as an insulation material.

Wood is a building material whose "production" not only produces no CO₂, but also binds CO₂ - around one tonne of the climate-damaging greenhouse gas per cubic metre of wood. What's more, wood is a renewable raw material that constantly renews itself.

This puts wood far ahead in the life cycle assessment of various building materials. An insulation board based on wood fibre is therefore the logical further development of the sustainable weber.therm circle ETICS.


Apart from the insulation material, nothing changes in the system structure.

Systemaufbau weber.therm circle mit Holzfaser-Dämmplatte

The processing of weber.therm circle with wood fibre also hardly differs from that with mineral wool. Here too, the insulation boards are not glued to the substrate, but simply mechanically fixed with dowels.

Weber has developed a special installation tool, which is placed on the drill, for the simple and controlled placement of the dowels together with the setting plates in the wood fibre insulation board. This allows the fasteners to be set easily and evenly.

The absence of bonding, together with the separation layer, enables the system components to be separated by type after dismantling and forms the basis for recycling. The wood fibre boards can, for example, be flocked and reused as blown-in insulation.

Detailaufnahme, die das spezielle Montagetool beim Setzen des Dübels mitsamt Setzteller in weber.therm circle mit Holzfaser-Dämmplatte zeigt

Technische Daten und Anwendungsbereich weber.therm circle

Insulation boardRated value of thermal conductivity0,040 W/(mK), (Standard4108-4)
Specific heat capacity2,10 kJ/(kgK)
Water vapour diffusion resistance4 (according to EN 13 162)
Euroclassnormal flammability, Euroclass E (according to EN 13 501-1)
Application areaSubstrateSolid substrates / masonry, concrete
Insulation thickness120 - 200 mm
Plaster thicknessup to30 mm
Building height8 m
Wind load zone1/2
System weightup to 75 kg/m²
Number of dowels5 per board