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weber.therm circle | Deconstruction and reuse



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Pull it off, please!

Clean separation and re-use after recycling

Circle of Life - from the life of an ETICS at some point every component reaches the end of its life. For the components of weber.therm circle, it's time to really get dismantled. Cleanly separated from each other, they become valuable resources and gain a new life.

The excavator shovel removes the render shell, which is divided into small fields, cleanly from the mineral wool, together with the separation fabric. Steel screws are screwed out of the wall and the dowel heads are cut with a milling cutter. Afterwards the mineral wool can be completely removed from the wall. Since all components can be easily separated from each other, the dismantling is done quickly. The dismantled components are collected separately and are re-used for a new purpose as single-variety raw materials.

Here are the raw materials of the future.

What happens after dismantling with ...

  1. ... the mineral-wool insulation board?

    The mineral wool can be directly recycled. It finds a new task in building separation joints or flocked as blow-in insulation.

  2. The wood fibre insulation board can also be shredded. The resulting wood flakes can be used as blown-in insulation for double-skin masonry.

  3. ... the mineral render?

    The render is crushed and used as additive in subordinated mineral building materials.

  4. ... the fiberglass fabric?

    The fabric is shredded and returns to the material cycle. It is used for ex. for the reinforcement of plastic components.

  5. ... the steel screws?

    After the separation of the polyamide sheating, the steel is melted down and used for new steel products.

  6. ... the plastic dowel?

    The dowel plastic is given a new lease of life on the building site. It is recycled as printing material for third-party assembly on ETICS.