Laying of large formats indoors

Building owners wish more and more large formats tiles indoors, and the ceramics industry is happy to comply with this request.
However, the laying of these mega formats requires great skill and very flat substrates. In addition to above-average technical skills, this type of installation requires creativity and specially matched products.

When all these points are met, a great effect can be achieved also indoors with thin joints.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Priming

    According to their porosity the substrates are primed with weber.prim 801 or weber.prim 803.

  2. Levelling

    For smooth surfaces it is usually necessary to additionally apply an egalizing layer, like the floor self-levelling compound weber.plan 813-20 (1 - 25 mm).

  3. Laying

    With increasing format sizes, the risk of voids under the tiles increases. For this reason, the combined laying method (floating-buttering method) should be used for large formats).

  4. Bonding

    Thanks to its accelerated features, the multi-use flexible tile adhesive weber.xerm 861 contributes to a faster setting under large formats.

  5. Grouting

    Work the premium grout weber.fug 875 BlueComfort into the joints flush and deep with a hard rubber float. Smooth down the surface with soft diagonal movements.

  6. Elastic grouting

    After drying of the grout, connection and movement joints must be closed with the elastic silicone joint sealant weber.fug 880 or weber.fug 881.

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