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Universal flexible adhesive weber.xerm 861

…because you can fix almost anything with this universal flexible adhesive

From glass mosaic up to large-size tiles

The universal flexible adhesive weber.xerm 861 has an extremely wide range of applications. It is dedicated for laying any format and material on floors and walls. Glass mosaic, porcelain stoneware, even large-size tiles, or natural stones - all no problem for the light-coloured thin- and medium-bed mortar. It is therefore ideal for borders and other surfaces with changing coverings. It can also cope with special requirements, for ex. in swimming pools or on underfloor heating.


Does the world still need an universal glue? This one does.

Tile adhesives for several fields of application are nothing new. Often, however, these products advertised as "all-rounders" do not live up to their name. weber.xerm 861, on the other hand, covers 90% of all tasks that arise in everyday work and can therefore rightly be called a truly universal adhesive.


Good-natured processing

In addition to this unique versatility, weber.xerm 861 also has very good processing properties. It is particularly convincing due to its very good back wetting and excellent stability combined with a comfortable consistency. The adhesive is open to foot traffic and to grouting after 16 hours. In addition, the "delayed fast-setting adhesive" makes work easier for tile layers due to a long open time.