Installation of thin-layer hot water underfloor heating systems under ceramic coverings

In renovation projects, the required heights for floor connections are often not available to install conventional hot water underfloor heating systems. Here, systems with a thin-layer build-up offer a professional alternative. Suitable systems are available for laying tiles and slabs, with fast-setting systems speeding up the construction process.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Substrate preparation

    First use the primer weber.prim 801 (absorbent substrates) or weber.prim 803 (non-absorbent substrates) on the load-bearing substrate.

  2. Application

    1. The self-adhesive supporting elements for the heating pipes are applied to the substrate. The heating pipes are then clicked into place.

  3. 2. The woven mesh weber.sys 987 must be laid in strips with an overlapping of at least 10 cm.

  4. 3. Subsequently, apply the floor self-levelling compound weber.plan 813-40 (2 - 40 mm). A minimum layer thickness of 10 mm above the mesh or the heating pipes must be observed.

  5. Tile fixing

    After hardening, the floor tiles can be fixed with weber.xerm 861.

  6. Grouting

    After hardening of the tile adhesive, the joints between tiles can be grouted with the flexible grout weber.fug 877.

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