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Real professionals don't moan about the weather!

weber flextime

weber flextime - look forward to a relaxed summer!

Experienced craftsmen are familiar with the problem: At high temperatures of approx. 30 °C in summer, the potlife of reactive waterproofing compounds and adhesives decreases significantly. After mixing the products harden faster in the open bucket. In the worst case, this means hectic processing and, in some cases, a poorer quality of workmanship, in particular at details points, such as connections, joints and penetrations, etc.

With our new pot life retarder weber flextime we have the ideal solution for this problem.

weber flextime is a liquid, coloured and concentrated solution for optional addition. It delays the potlife of Weber reactive waterproofing compounds and adhesives at high temperatures. With weber flextime for ex. weber.tec Superflex D 24 can be applied within 90 minutes at +30 °C.

Your benefits

  • Easy dosage
  • Highly effective
  • Non-hazardous


For use also as retarder for:

weber.tec Superflex D 2
Flexible waterproofing slurry

weber.xerm 844
2-comp. waterproofing, de-coupling and adhesive system

weber Anschlussdicht
Universal waterproofing

Produktverpackungen weber flextime & weber.tex Superflex D 24

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