Correct heating of floor levelling compounds

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Set-ups of underfloor heating systems

    1. Type A: this type is the most frequently used type of underfloor heating. The heating pipes are fixed directly to the insulation and covered with a screed mortar.

  2. 2. Type B: this type is related with heating pipes inside the insulation layer. Very often, the systems have sheet metal laminations that ensure a better heat distribution over the surface.

  3. 3. Type C heating screeds: they are usually used in commercial construction with higher traffic loads. The heating pipes are laid within a levelling screed mortar and then covered with a screed plate on a separating layer for load distribution.

  4. The floor self-levelling compounds weber.plan 813-25 (1 - 25 mm) and weber.plan 813-40 (2 - 40 mm) can be used on thin-layer electric, capillary tube and hot water underfloor heating systems (type A) as bonded systems. The quick-setting and -drying floor levelling compound for renovation and timber floors weber.floor 4320 can also be used on warm water underfloor heating elements with heat-conducting metal plates (type B).

    Before covering the surfaces with tiles or natural stones, the surfaces must be heated up, but not before 24 hours after their installation. A heating protocol must be kept in accordance with the national guidelines for floor covering works, which must be submitted to the floor layer.

  5. Functional heating

    Heat up with 25 °C flow temperature/heating capacity and hold for 1 day per 20 mm layer thickness. Maintain flow temperature/heating performance without night setback. Functional heating can be stopped after the waiting time (depending on layer thickness) has been reached. The heating can be switched off.

  6. Further processing

    Once the functional heating has been completed, the floor is ready for all coverings, except parquet and laminate, and should be covered as soon as possible. Parquet and laminate can be laid 7 days after the floor levelling works. If immediate functional heating and immediate covering are not intended, the levelling compound must be coated with the normal-curing epoxy resin weber.prim 807 within 72 hours at the latest, using a lambskin roller and sprinkled with oven-dried silica sand.

    However, the use/operation of the specific underfloor heating system is allowed only after 28 days after installation.

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