Creation of a quickly ready for covering levelling layer on walls

When renovating wall surfaces, it is often necessary to prepare the substrate plumb, aligned or horizontal. Especially with the conventional construction of thin-layer applications, slab-like detachment from the substrate often occurs. Through the use of polymer-modified special binders, the quick-setting levelling and repair mortar weber.plan 818 ensures low shrinkage and rapid hardening and, due to the early readiness for covering, enables rapid progress of the next works. This makes weber.plan 818 is the ideal product for fast and permanently safe execution of levelling and repair work in wall areas and for small-area levelling layers in residential floor areas.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Substrate preparation

    1. Loose or damaged tiles must be removed. Any voids that might occur can be repaired flush with the surface, when using weber.plan 818.

  2. 2. Use the primer weber.prim 801 on absorbent substrates.

  3. Application

    1. First, apply weber.plan 818 as a full-surface contact layer, using a flat trowel.

  4. 2. For providing a plumb and aligned substrate, use levelling gauges as drawing aids.

  5. 3. Then apply the mortar in the required layer thickness and level flush with an aluminium beam, avoiding honeycombs or gaping holes. If necessary, the stiffened mortar layer can be smoothed.

  6. 4. In the transitions areas from the levelled surfaces to the old tile covering a reinforcement layer consisting of a tile adhesive, e.g. the multi-use flexible tile adhesive weber.xerm 861 and the woven glass fiber mesh for tile adhesives and floor levelling compounds weber.sys 835 must be provided.

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