Laying of glass mosaic under water

Glass mosaic is a high-quality and very attractive installation material, which is also often used in private swimming pools. For the full appreciation of its beauty a number of points must be taken into account during their installation and the correct adhesive and grout must be selected. The smooth and dense surface of the glass mosaic backing does not provide conventional tile adhesives sufficient adhesion. Therefore, reactive resin mortars must be used for bonding in areas with high moisture exposure, especially underwater. Glass mosaic must be laid with a maximal contact surface with the substrate (full-saturation bedding) so as to avoid cloud formation and colour differences on the surface.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Substrate preparation

    1. Apply the EP resin primer weber.prim 807 on mineral substrates.

  2. 2. Apply the flexible waterproofing EP resin weber.tec 827 (pour grade) as bonded waterproofing.

  3. Application

    1. The substrate is smoothed and levelled with the EP resin adhesive and grout weber.xerm 848 by using a notched trowel in order to obtain a uniform adhesive layer later.

  4. 2. Following the uniform application of the adhesive the excess material is combed with the flat trowel weber.sys Aufstreichkelle + triangular notched blade Zahnleiste no. 1 (notch size 2.5 mm) so that no adhesive will pour out of the joints during the installation of mosaic.

  5. 3. Afterwards the mosaic is aligned and pressed into the fresh mortar bed. Particularly in the case of wet-duty premises and permanently wet areas it is essential that the bonding is done full-surface.

  6. 4. Prior to setting of the tile adhesive the glued paper is moistened and carefully removed.

  7. 5. After setting phase the mosaic surface is cleaned with a chlorine bleach solution and rinsed with clear water, in order to avoid germination later, especially in swimming pools. On floors it is important to keep the joints free from dirt and excess water.

  8. Grouting

    1. After this the joints between tiles are grouted with the EP resin adhesive and grout weber.xerm 848, using a hard rubber float.

  9. 2. Finally the glass mosaic is washed in a first operation with the white pad and in a second operation with a sponge.

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