Waterproofing works at low temperatures and high relative humidity rate

The performance of polymer-modified bitumen thick coatings (PMBC) depends upon how far the active compound has dried thoroughly before the water load begins. Particularly during cool and humid months, the influence of weather conditions on the waterproofing material and the concerned building parts must be taken into consideration. This point is important for all application steps, starting with the substrate examination to the backfilling of excavation.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. During winter, temperatures often drop under 0 °C. Frozen substrates are not suitable for PMBC, flexible, polymer-modified thick coating (FDP), cement-based waterproofing slurries and mortar systems. The drying time of substrates must be helped by appropriate measures.

  2. 2. Strong rainfalls make substrates totally damp. Waterproofing compounds cannot bond to them. Their drying is substantially slowed down. Furthermore, it might come to spalling due to frost.

  3. 3. Damage can also occur due to standing water on a concrete slab because it can creep into the external walls and pull off the external bitumen waterproofing. Therefore, walls should be protected against internal water ingress by applying the quick-setting and watertight groove mortar weber.tec 933 along the external angle between the forepart of the concrete slab and the basement wall. Afterward, apply it as patching mortar on the whole groove area, i.e. approx. 25 cm on both angle sides.

  4. 4. Two-comp. bitumen compounds dry much quicker than one-comp. ones, in particular during the winter season. For this reason, 2-comp. lightweight bitumen waterproofing thick coatings like weber.tec Superflex 10 are by far more suitable than 1-comp. systems. High humidity and low temperatures slow down the drying process. Hence, longer waiting times during winter must be taken into consideration. This means also longer waiting times for bonding of insulation boards and also for excavation backfilling in case of 1-comp. systems.

  5. 5. For absolute reliability on the external sides of basement walls, use the 2-comp. reactive and quick-setting waterproofing coating weber.tec Superflex D 24, since it dries thoroughly within max. 24 hours at temperatures over +1 °C and independently of humidity rate.


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