Water basins in front of the Palace of Culture

Fountains in front of an icon of eastern modernism shines in new splendour.

In the course of the renovation of the Dresden Palace of Culture, an architectural monument of the GDR, three water basins on the forecourt were also reconstructed true to the original in the dimensions 7.33 x 7.33 meters. In each case, 52 white water jets create a water image according to the historical model. A special highlight are the 52 LED underwater floodlights per pool in red, green, royal blue, white and amber, which illuminate the fountains.

Building site:
Installation with 3 water basins

Stadtbauamt Dresden

Günther Krätzschmar

Alas Hochbau GmbH, Hamburg

Completion date: 
April 2017

Katharina Grottker