Correct application of an epoxy damp-proof barrier

Rising moisture from the substrate, for ex. in case of earth-contacting areas without proper waterproofing, or high core moisture in the new concrete floor can have a damaging effect on the new final floor covering. In the case of dense top floorings, such as PCV or rubber, this can very quickly lead to saponification of the flooring adhesive. Reactive epoxy resins have a very high impermeability to water vapour and at the same time an optimal bond with the mineral substrate. If the recommended consumption quantities are respected and the procedure described below is followed, sd values (i.e. water vapour diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness) of between 40 and 50 m can be achieved. In principle, however, the following applies: the sd value of the epoxy resin vapour barrier must be greater than that of the top floor covering with its adhesive and with levelling compound.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Preliminary works

    The preparation of the concrete or screed surface is done by shot peening. Apply a first layer of the epoxy resin primer (EC 1 - very low emission) weber.floor 4712 at a rate of 0.5 - 0.6 kg/m2.


  2. 1. After Pour mixed material on the floor, distribute spread with a rubber squeegee and smooth down with a roller in crosswise directions.  Apply the 1st layer with falling temperatures of the floor.

  3. 2. After approx. 8 - 24 hours apply a 2nd layer of weber.floor 4712 at a rate of approx. 0.4 - 0.5 kg/m2. Its application is similar to the first one.

  4. 3. The silica sand weber.floor 4936 (0.3 - 0.8 mm) is scattered up to saturation on the fresh and tacky epoxy coat. After curing (next day) remove the excess sand.

  5. 4. For the installation of floorings, the screed or concrete surfaces treated in this way can be levelled with e.g. the high flow smoothing mortar weber.floor 4031 beforehand.

  6. Laying of flooring

    The glueing of the final flooring can be done with the weber.floor adhesives.

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