Non-combustible ETICS on the facade socket part with Foamglas insulation

On fire walls and in the area of escape routes, the building regulations require the use of non-combustible building materials.
(class of resistance to fire A). This also applies to socket parts of non-combustible ETICS.
The weber.therm ETICS with cellular glass socket insulation is a high-quality and safe solution for this purpose

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Clean suitable substrate (socket base masonry and concrete) and use a norm-compliant waterproofing coating. If necessary, use the bitumen primer weber.tec 901.

  2. 2. For bonding the insulation boards mix the 2-component bitumen cold adhesive Foamglas PC® 56 mixed in the specified mixing ratio.

  3. 3. Apply the adhesive full-surface with the notched trowel on the backside and also on one short and one long side of the Foamglas® insulation boards.

  4. 4. Butt and horizontal joints must be filled with the pre-said adhesive. Stagger the joints in rows. In case of transition to perimeter insulation, apply and trowel off the bitumen adhesive in such adjoining areas.

  5. 5. After tightening, trowel off any adhesive that oozes out of the joints.

  6. 6. Roughen the finished surface flat with a sandboard or a grid float.

  7. 7. Then sanding dust and dirt must be completely removed, preferably with a hand blower.

  8. 8. The Foamglas® insulation boards are anchored at least 150 mm above the planned final upper ground level with 2 screw dowels weber.therm Schraubdübel SRD-5 per board.

  9. 9. Apply the lightweight reinforcing mortar weber.therm 307 in a thickness of 5-8 mm on the dust-free boards and insert the woven mesh weber.therm 310.

  10. 10. As topcoat, apply either the mineral floated top render 224 AquaBalance or the smooth-trowelled bonding and reinforcing mortar weber.therm 300. The silicate egalizing paint weber.ton 414 AquaBalance can be used in both cases.

  11. 11. Earth-contacting building parts are waterproofed with the 2-comp. reactive waterproofing slurry weber.tec Superflex D 2 or the 2-comp. reactive and quick-setting waterproofing coating weber.tec Superflex D 24 at least 5 cm above the final upper ground level.

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