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A mineral facade system is an all-round worthwhile investment that pays for itself within a few years. As energy costs are likely to continue to rise, the savings potential increases from year to year. Accordingly, the costs for an external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) - depending on the substrate and system build-up - are amortized after around ten years. This is particularly true if an energy-efficient refurbishment is combined with an upcoming facade renovation. Furthermore, high-quality facade insulation directly increases the value of the property in the long term.

According to the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, ETIC systems have a life expectancy of 25-45 years. Saint-Gobain Weber has a system solution that plans beyond this lifespan.

With weber.therm circle, the first recyclable external thermal insulation composite system, Saint-Gobain Weber has succeeded in taking the issue of the longevity of building components and raw material consumption into a new era. weber.therm circle is the first thermal insulation composite system that can be dismantled and recycled by type of material. Once it has reached the end of its service life, the components can be turned back into high-quality new products.

But not only a thermal insulation composite system, also a high-quality thick-layer render system stands for longevity.


Robust and long-lasting render system

When it comes to facade construction, investors wish for a robust, economical and low-maintenance facade that meets the specific requirements of each individual building shape and size. Our fully mineral super thick-layer ETICS weber.therm Dickputz is based on a 16 cm thick mineral wool insulation board, a super-thick layer of underlay render (base coat) and a thick layer of reinforcing mortar in which a fabric is embedded. The surface finish consists of a mineral render as a top coat. This solid, all-mineral render system builds on classic construction methods, but on an up-to-date insulation layer, instead of monolithic masonry.

Due to the combination of impact resistance and a high level of fire and sound protection, the thick-layer thermal insulation composite system is ideally suited for multi-storey residential buildings. It is also particularly low-maintenance and safe to use. The super-thick structure provides efficient thermal protection and keeps the facade permanently dry and algae-free. At the same time, the robust, over 20 mm thick mineral render shell provides increased protection against vandalism, driving rain and woodpecker holes.

With such a well-thought-out facade structure, properties do not only remain beautiful and safe for a long time; they also contribute to a really clever raw material cycle beyond their own service life.

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