Thick-bed laying of natural stones

The laying of natural stones according to the classic method, i.e. with an earth-moist mortar bed, requires mortar systems which are especially suited for this purpose. Simple site mixtures of sand and cement often cannot provide the necessary safety here. The thick-bed trass mortar weber.xerm 868 in combination with the trass bonding layer weber.xerm 867 is a specific system tailored to the laying of natural stones.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Substrate preparation

    1. Pre-wet the concrete or the cement screed until dull-moist prior to application of the bondcoat.

  2. Application

    1. The trass bondcoat weber.xerm 867 is applied by using a broom (brush consistency). For this purpose, mix the powder with approx. 50% by weight of water.

  3. 2. The thick-bed trass mortar weber.xerm 868 is applied "wet-in-wet" on the bonding layer.

  4. 3. For fixing the tiles or natural slabs on the earth-moist thick-bed mortar, the bonding layer is applied once again on their backside or the thick-bed mortar is applied full-surface in brush consistency.

  5. 4. Lay large-size slabs with installation aids and if necessary, put in the requested height, by knocking with a rubber mallet.

  6. Grouting

    After hardening of the tile adhesive the joints between tiles can be grouted with the trass grout for natural stones weber.fug 871 or the flexible grout weber.fug 877, depending on the joint width.

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