Safely stored - Evidence room levelled and waterproofed

Moisture remediation in the basement of the police station

The Delmenhorst police department is located in a brick building dating back to 1856. The basement rooms of the police department are used to store evidence and archived files. After initial moisture damage, the Klaus Wübbelmann construction company in Halen was commissioned with moisture remediation and waterproofing. The experienced building protection specialists chose an innovative basement renovation system.

The self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932 combines the two work steps of waterproofing and floor levelling, so the basement floor renovation can be carried out in just one day. This reduces the working time by 70 percent compared to conventional renovation measures. The material surface can also be used as direct wear layer.

Building site:
Police department, Delmenhorst

2.200 m²

Completion date:
June 2021

Staatliches Baumanagement, Niedersachsen

Klaus Wübbelmann Bauunternehmen, Halen