Waterproofing of listed building in keeping with the guidelines

Reliable waterproofing of retirement home on Meissen's Schlossberg

The heart of the district town of Meißen in the Elbe valley, famous for the production of Meißen porcelain, is the historic old town below the castle hill. An investor converted a historic building below the castle bridge into a senior citizens’ home.

The masonry of the castle bridge also forms the outer wall of the retirement home, so a second gable end had to be built first. The masonry against the castle bridge was waterproofed in order to prevent water ingress. Moisture protection of the medieval building was a challenge due to the extremely thick walls and irregular masonry. With the comprehensive Weber renovation system, comfortable and dry housing is guaranteed for the residents.

Building site:
Residence for senior citizens, Meißen

Completion date:
May 2021

reoima development GmbH, Radebeul

Rotzsch Fugensanierung und Baumdienst GmbH, Dresden