Nahaufnahme eines Säulensockels in einer Tiefgarage, der mit dem Oberflächenschutzsystem OS 5b abgedichtet wurde

Surface protection system OS 5b

Safe concrete protection on socket areas 

Extreme loads from splash water and salts

Parking decks and underground garages

In underground garages and parking decks, the concrete components are exposed to extreme stresses from splash water and aggressive salts. Without sufficient protection of the concrete structure, in particular, on socket areas, the combination of CO₂/moisture and salt exposure would severely damage the concrete structure. Concrete and reinforcement corrosion as well as spalling lead to a permanent impairment of the structural stability of the building.

Thanks to the professional application of so-called surface protection systems, the concrete building parts are permanently protected from extreme damage loads, and thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming renovation works. For the non-trafficked area of the wall socket high-performance surface protection systems of the class "OS 5b" are used. The products concerned are combinations of polymers and powder mixtures.

Gruppe aus Produktverpackungen des weber.tec Superflex OS 5b, weber.rep KB duo, weber.rep R4 duo und weber.tec 771

Guidelines describe performance demands and application

  • European standard EN 1504-2 "Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures, part 2: surface protection systems for concrete"
  • Guideline "Technical Rule for Maintenance of Concrete Structures" (Germany)

Protection of concrete building parts and waterproofing of socket areas in one product

weber.tec Superflex OS 5b

As a rule, damp and salt-loaded concrete surfaces must be protected with an appropriate protection system according to EN 1504-2. Weathered socket parts must be protected against moisture by waterproofing measures.  With weber.tec Superflex OS 5b we have succeeded in covering both applications with only one product. The system fulfils all test principles; it has a CE certification as an OS 5b system according to EN 1504-2 and an official approval as waterproofing coating according to the German FPD guideline ("flexible polymer-modified thick-layer waterproofing coatings").

The material is highly flexible and crack-bridging. It sets quickly and reactively, is impermeable to pressure water after only 24 hours and can be sprayed, covered with a render or painted over without any problems.

weber.tec Superflex OS 5b has been awarded the EMICODE seal EC1 Plus as a very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Handwerker verarbeitet weber.tec Superflex OS 5b am Übergang von der Betonsohle zur Betonwand

Fields of application

  • As chloride and carbonation protection of concrete building components in new building construction and renovation
  • For underground garages, parking decks, and other building parts exposed to splash water and thawing salts
  • For flexible waterproofing of socket areas

Product benefits

  • Cold-flexible up to -20°C
  • Resistant to frost and thawing salts
  • Quick-setting and resistant to pressure water

Build-up system

  1. Concrete slab
  2. Concrete wall
  3. Groove with weber.rep duo
  4. Coating system OS-8 - weber.floor 4610
  5. Scratch layer weber.tec Superflex OS 5b
  6. First layer weber.tec Superflex OS 5b
  7. Second layer weber.tec Superflex OS 5b
  8. Surface protection paint (coating systems OS-2/OS-4) - weber.tec 771