Lagerhalle nach einer Industriebodensanierung

Renovation of industrial floors

Maximum reliability for all stress cases.

Floor systems for industrial plants

Whether high-bay warehouses, underground car parks or production halls - intact, load-bearing and high-performance floors are a pre-requisite for smooth plant operations. Among other things, they serve as anchorage for machines, transport pathways or storage areas. Well-planned and executed industrial floors are therefore an economic factor.

weber.floor 4716 / weber.floor 4605 / weber.floor 4610

  • rapid processing via mechanical application
  • for levelling in high layer thicknesses
  • EMICODE EC 1 Plus: very low emission of VOC

We prepare the ground for the next industrial revolution.

High-quality systems for every demand

Weber offers high-performance system solutions for mechanical, chemical and thermal loads - regardless of whether the stress is rather low or extremely high. Additional plus: all mineral industrial flooring products (screeds, levelling compounds and coatings) of Weber meet the highest requirements for protection against emissions and bear the corresponding seal EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.

Industry 4.0 starts with the floor

Pumpfähiger Boden

Refurbishment work in production premises is under high time pressure. Every day that production is at a standstill is a considerable cost factor. This is in particular true when it comes to replacing the floor, as other contractors can only start afterwards. With weber.floor 4605, Saint-Gobain Weber has developed a new high-strength industrial flow screed.

It is dedicated for use on uneven industrial floor surfaces (concrete or cement screed). The cement-based, polymer-modified screed mortar can be installed in layer thicknesses of 30 to 100 mm. It is pumpable, flow-grade and is open to foot traffic within a few hours.

For higher mechanical or chemical loads, the surface should be coated with an industrial floor coating, which Weber also offers.

Like all Weber floor products, weber.floor 4605 has a very low emission (EMICODE EC 1R PLUS).

For minimum production downtime

  • pumpable and flow-grade
  • quickly open to foot traffic
  • low tendency to cracking and abrasion

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