Weitläufiges Kellergewölbe mit Säulen, weißen Wänden und grauem Boden

The Weber interior basement renovation system

A new cellar in one day

Living space is scarce and expensive, in particular in conurbations. Many property owners are therefore interested in renovating and converting basements. However, many basements are not exactly inviting: uneven floors, damp walls, clammy and musty indoor climate. Moisture damage and damage caused by crystallizing salts often occur in combination. They affect both wall and floor areas.

Until now, basement floor renovation has been time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive. Low door and room heights often limit the construction height. In addition, old and damp basement floors usually put special demands on the renovation system.

Gain new utility and living space

With the new Weber wall-floor renovation system, the whole basement renovation can be completed in just one day. This is made possible by clever products that allow several operations. For wall renovation with the one-layer, white and quick-setting damp-proof plaster weber.san 958, no stipple coat (as bondcoat) is required on the absorbent masonry substrate. Floor renovation is also quick and easy. After waterproofing of the wall-floor connection, the system's primer is applied onto the floor surface. The post-applied self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932 at the same time levels and waterproofs the floor.

Verarbeitung des Bodendichtspachtels weber.tec 932 mit einem Flächenrakel

System recommendations

1. Horizontal cross-sectional waterproofing 
     weber.tec 946
7. Self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932
2. Cleaned masonry8. Stipple coat, quick on lower part of floor/wall connection 
    weber.san 951
3. Recess filling and groove coating weber.tec 9339. Bondcoat weber.san 958
4. Primer floor/wall connection weber.prim 90010. Damp-proof render white, one-layer + quick-setting weber.san 958
5. Two layer waterproofing on floor/wall  
   connection weber.tec Superflex D 24
11. External waterproofing 
6. Floor primer weber.prim 932 P 


Systemgrafik für das Kellersanierungs-System

Your benefits for the basement renovation

  • no complicated constructions, no delay between the working steps
  • less operations
  • time- and hence cost-saving
  • renovation of whole cellar within one day