Renovation work by day - stage performance by night

Renovation work on famous opera house in Dresden

The renovation work at the famous Semper Opera House in Dresden was a special challenge for planners and skilled craftsmen in many respects. A very tight schedule guaranteed that the work could be carried out during the ongoing performance. When selecting the products, the focus was therefore not only on high quality but also on short drying times.

The socket area had to be exposed first in order to repair moisture damage of the earth-contacting building parts. For this purpose, both staircases and the massive sandstone elements were removed. Subsequently, the exposed masonry was prepared and refurbished in several layers.

Building site:
Semper Opera House

400 m²

Completion date:
2017 - 2021

Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB)

Harms + Schubert, Freie Architekten, Dresden