The perfect substrate for large-size coverings outdoors

In outdoor areas, tile and natural stone coverings need to be much more resistant to withstand the effects of the environment. The laying mortar is the most vulnerable element within a system-compliant solution. This is the focus of Saint-Gobain Weber's system for outdoor use, in order to offer maximum safety and reduce the risk of damage with the waterproof tile adhesive.

With this system, you are well-equipped for any weather.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Formation of substrate

    Create a screed with a slope with the quick-setting screed mortar weber.plan 816 on the fresh bondcoat.

  2. Priming

    After drying of the screed mortar use the primer weber.prim 801 grundiert.

  3. Embedment of sealing tape

    In corners, expansion joints, butt joints and movement joints first insert all the necessary components of the sealing system weber.tec 828 (such as sealing tape as well as inner and outer corners) into the fresh layer of the highly flexible 2-comp. waterproofing and tile adhesive weber.xerm 844.

  4. Waterproofing

    Afterwards apply weber.xerm 844 in 2 layers. The total waterproofing layer thickness must be at least 2.0 mm.

  5. Tile fixing

    After full drying of the waterproofing layers apply weber.xerm 844 as tile adhesive. Before a skin starts to form slide the tiles into the fresh mortar bed and press down. Scrape the joints before the tile adhesive hardens.

  6. Grouting

    As soon as the surface is open to pedestrian traffic, the joints between the tiles can be grouted with the flexible grout weber.fug 877

  7. Elastic sealant

    Connection and movement joints must be closed with the elastic silicone joint sealant weber.fug 880 or weber.fug 881.

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