Gestaltung einer modernen Terrasse mit Fliesenboden, einem Sofa mit hellen Kissen und einer Topfpflanze vor einer Hauswand, an die eine Hecke anschließt

Our waterproofing and tile fixing system for balconies and terraces

Simple. Complete. Safe!

Your benefits

  • optimally coordinated product range
  • ideal for laying large-size tiles
  • time- and cost-saving
  • quick and weather-independent drying
  • quickly open to foot traffic and over-working
  • ideal for surfaces with high water load
Produktsystem weber.xerm 844

DIN 18531 - The new standard for the waterproofing of roofs as well as balconies, loggias and arcades.

The main scope of the new waterproofing standard facilitates the application of the individual standards in practice. That is why it is divided in different sections for each building part; the part 5 of DIN 18531 - Waterproofing of balconies, loggias and arcades - is particularly important for tiler layers.

Tile fixing on balconies and terraces

Fliesenverlegung auf Terrassen & Balkonen

Tile and natural stone coverings on balconies and terraces are more weather-resistant than other surfaces. Nevertheless, they are exposed to frost, rain and solar radiation on a daily basis. Even minor damage, for ex. in the joint areas, can lead to water penetration and be absorbed and stored by the tile adhesive. This is how efflorescence and frost damage occur in cold and wet days.

Since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, Saint-Gobain Weber has focused on the laying mortar, especially for this application. A waterproof tile adhesive that can also be used as a sealant offers maximum safety as a system and significantly reduces the risk of efflorescence.

weber.xerm 844 offers maximum flexibility in application: waterproofing, tile fixing and decoupling - even slope corrections can be implemented with the material. The reduction of impact sound is also possible with weber.xerm 844. With the innovative Weber trowel weber.sys weber.sys Abdicht- & Verlegeglätter, the waterproofing and the tile adhesive layer(s) can be applied in one step. This saves valuable time.

Fliesenverlegung auf Balkonen und Terrassen

Waterproofing of sloping screeds on balconies and terraces

Whether for waterproofing balconies or terraces, in the socket area or as bonded waterproofing under ceramic coverings in the permanent wet or underwater areas, the highly flexible 2-component waterproofing and tile adhesive from Weber protects your building project optimally and safely against wetness and moisture penetration.

weber.xerm 844 has an official approval from the building authorities and the corresponding test certificates as bonded waterproofing.