Fußboden auf dem der selbstverlaufende Bodendichtspachtel weber.tec 932 fließt

Self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932

Quick and water-impermeable floor renovation

For a pleasant use of your basement rooms!

In basement rooms, damp, uneven and leaky floors are often found instead of the desired storage space. Conventional solutions are usually very costly. They involve many work steps and are above all effort-demanding, time-consuming and therefore expensive!

weber.tec 932 as solution for typical challenges in case of renovation of basement floors

  • rising damp
  • low-quality floors
  • unevenness and slopes
  • only low installation heights possible

Self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932
– water-impermeable, fast-setting, can be used as direct wear layer

Levelling and waterproofing in a few steps

weber.tec 932 is a simple, reliable and fast renovation system, especially for floors. The mineral, self-levelling and watertight floor compound enables short execution delays and ensures a level and water-impermeable surface for direct use.

weber.tec 932 is a labour-saving solution and is quite easy to process. It is suitable for layer thicknesses from 5 mm to 30 mm in one go as bonded system. This enables particularly low construction heights to be achieved. The surfaces are open to pedestrian traffic after only a few hours.

Advantages of weber.tec 932

  • easy and reliable processing
  • fewer operations
  • hardly any waiting times
  • saves up to 70 % working time
  • reduces costs by up to 40%
  • low installation height
  • basement floor renovation within 1 day
  • no additional journeys to job site
Verarbeitung des Bodendichtspachtels weber.tec 932 mit einem Flächenrakel

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