Creation of a bonded waterproofing with membrane and roll-grade adhesive

Works for waterproofing and tile fixing often have to be carried out quickly and efficiently under time pressure. Often, large areas, rooms with high ceilings as well as different installation openings have to be covered with tiles, which have to withstand a high water load in later everyday life. It is precisely here that a high degree of waterproofing safety is required to ensure a durable and functional solid-bonded waterproofing under ceramic coverings.

With the approved waterproofing system with weber.tec 824 (1-comp. flexible cement-based waterproofing slurry & adhesive for waterproofing foils), the waterproofing foil and water vapour barrier weber.tec 825 and the sealing tape system weber.tec 828 processing mistakes are reduced and a quicker work schedule is possible.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Preliminary works

    1. Use Check if the substrate is load-bearing. Remove dust or lose particles.

  2. 2. Use the primer weber.prim 801 on absorbent substrates or weber.prim 803 on non-absorbent ones.

  3. 3. Apply weber.tec 824 and embed the prefabricated and perforated inner corners weber.tec 828 DI G in the fresh layer of adhesive.

  4. 4. Afterwards embed the sealing tapes weber.tec 828 flush in the fresh layer of adhesive

  5. 5. The foil weber.tec 825 is cut to required size.

  6. 6. Mix weber.tec 824 in a roll-grade consistency, by using 6 liters water per bag.

  7. 7. For a quicker work progress apply the adhesive in cross motions with a lambskin roller.

  8. 8. Embed the cut to right size foil in the fresh layer of adhesive.

  9. 9. Press the foil firmly and press out any air bubbles from the centre.

  10. 10. In the connection areas glue weber.tec 825 with butt joints and press firmly.

  11. 11. Cover the butt joints with weber.tec 824. In areas with chemical spillage use the flexible waterproofing EP resin weber.tec 827 S (trowel-grade).

  12. 12. The sealing tape weber.tec 828 is inserted into the fresh layer of adhesive as flush as possible.

  13. 13. Also on floors weber.tec 824 is applied with a lambskin roller.

  14. 14. Embed weber.tec 825 in the fresh layer of adhesive. Afterwards cut the foil to the required size for installation openings, pipe penetrations etc. and over-work the pre-said parts with the specific sleeves weber.tec 828.

  15. 15. Tiling laying works on the waterproofing layer can start after approx. 18 hours at room temperature.

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