Feuchtes Mauerwerk sanieren mit dem Bohrlochinjektionsverfahren

Repair of salt-contaminated and damp masonry

Capillary rising damp damages masonry and plaster. A post-applied cross-sectional waterproofing with the Weber "Simple & safe Masonry Repair System" provides a remedy.

Rising damp due to missing or damaged waterproofing is the reason for damage of masonry and plaster

The consequences are crumbling plaster, mould rot and an uncomfortable indoor climate. A horizontal barrier subsequently installed from the inside stops capillary water transport and prevents further moisture penetration of the wall above the injection zone. For many years, Saint-Gobain Weber has been providing planners and specialist contractors with masonry repair systems in its sophisticated building protection range, with which damp/wet basement walls can be effectively and permanently restored. Now Weber also offers a quick, safe and particularly simple solution for the renovation of damaged building parts due to damp and salt-contamination: the Weber "Simple & safe Masonry Repair System".

Your benefits:

  • advanced system solution
  • you reach your goal with only a few products
  • no complicated machine technology
  • easy and safe use
  • wide application range

weber.tec 946 is particularly suitable for the post-applied cross-sectional waterproofing using the borehole injection method without pressure

The silane-based injection cream is supplied ready-to-use and easy to apply. Simply insert the hose bag into the manual gun weber.sys Handdruckspritze no. 3 and inject. Complicated pumping technology as with other injection measures is not required. weber.tec 946 is dedicated to the repair of all common masonries with a moisture content of up to 95%. The creamy consistency prevents uncontrolled dripping in hollow wall components. The injection cream weber.tec 946 provides a reliable barrier against capillary rising damp.

The system-compatible moisture barrier on the inside of the wall is rounded by the following products:

  • weber.tec 933watertight, quick-setting groove or patching mortar as well as a bonding layer
  • weber.tec 934: mineral waterproof render as a basecoat for waterproofing products and damp-proof renders, and as leveling or patching mortar
  • weber.cal 286: mineral, ready-to-use, soaked lime render / plaster (pasty) for fine-graded and resistant surfaces
  • weber.san 954air-entrained, white damp-proof render/plaster for the renovation of old salt-contaminated and damp buildings and masonries (according to WTA guidelines).

Living health in the first place

Basements have increasingly established themselves as high-quality living and utility areas. If moisture penetrates the masonry here, this not only has a negative effect on the value of a property. A poor indoor climate and the resulting mould infestation pose a serious risk to the health of the occupants. With the mineral building materials from Saint-Gobain Weber, you not only ensure permanent moisture protection, but also a sustainably healthy living environment. The products regulate the moisture balance of the entire system in a natural way and thus ensure a healthy indoor climate.

For very high loads: Weber masonry repair system with pressure injection and interior waterproofing

For particularly heavily damp building walls, Weber also offers an interior renovation system with pressure injection and optional interior insulation, in addition to the "Simple & safe Masonry Repair System". A combination of a subsequent horizontal damp-proof barrier using the pressure injection method with the liquid silicone micro-emulsion weber.tec 940 E, the mineral waterproofing slurry weber.tec Superflex D 2 and diffusion-open, moisture-regulating damp-proof plaster systems provide safe and sustainable waterproofing. These products optimize the moisture balance and ensure a correspondingly pleasant living climate. In addition, a mineral interior insulation with the Weber interior insulation system can increase comfort and save valuable heating energy.

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