The most important products for building contractors

In order to cover the entire range of high-quality, construction-chemical products for the building contractor, it is not only necessary to have modern, efficient production facilities. At the same time, the high technical standards of a special product range must not be neglected. The product systems presented here offer the contractor different application alternatives, especially for concreting or levelling and repair works.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. When repairing concrete building parts, appropriate substrate preparation, cleaning, removal of cement laitance, etc. are essential. Basically, the substrate must be pre-wetted until dull-moist. For de-aeration and levelling, the surface must be intensively re-worked with the spike roller in crosswise motions.

  2. 2. Following the cleaning of the reinforcing steel and its corrosion protection with weber.rep KB duo, the bonding layer weber.rep KB duo is applied on a matt damp substrate in all concrete areas with break-outs.

  3. 3. Deeper break-outs are first filled with weber.rep R4 duo, followed by a second operation for levelling/patching with the same mortar.

  4. 4. Filling of defects in case of dimensional inaccuracies of precast concrete elements, or in case of incorrect in-situ concrete with the repair mortar weber.rep R4 duo.

  5. 5. Levelling and patching works with the shrinkage-compensated, quick-setting and polymer-modified patching mortar for fair-faced concrete weber.rep 763.

  6. 6. Patching/repairing/installing and fixing works: use the quick-setting mortar made of the multi-use cement for assembly, render, mortar and waterproofing works weber.rep 760 and sand.

  7. 7. Grouting in recesses (socket concrete foundations) / grouting of machine bolts / underpinning of craneway rails with the high-flow and dynamically resilient grouting mortars weber.rep 767/768/769.

  8. 8. Levelling of unevenness on concrete floors and wall surfaces with the repair mortar weber.rep R4 duo: the mortar is applied "wet-in-wet" onto the previously applied bonding layer weber.rep KB duo.

  9. 9. Creation of high-stress resistant levelling layer on horizontal and vertical surfaces: use the epoxy resin EP resin binder weber.tec 793, mixed with silica sand on the fresh bonding layer (unblended weber.tec 793).

  10. 10. Renovation of parapets, support pillars, etc.: after cleaning of substrate, first apply the corrosion protection weber.rep KB duo and, after drying, apply the pre-said product as bonding layer.

  11. 11. Application of the concrete replacement mortar weber.rep R4 duo on the fresh bondcoat.

  12. 12. Application of weber.rep R4 duo as fairing coat mortar.

  13. 13. Improving of workability, smoothness and increase frost resistance of render, masonry and screed mortar: use the polymer dispersion 785.

  14. 14. Increasing of air content and consequently resistance to frost and thaw salt: use the air-entraining agent 783.

  15. 15. Increasing of air content for mortars and renders: use the waterproofing admixture 782.

  16. 16. Use of the ready-to-use, mineral-oil based release agent weber.tec 780 for all kinds of formwork elements.

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