Smoothing of floor surfaces

The quality and appearance of flooring depend to a large extent on the condition of the substrate. Unfortunately, the subfloor often does not meet the requirements for receiving a top covering. With a self-levelling levelling compound 5, such as the high flow smoothing mortar weber.floor 4031 or the ultra flow smoothing mortar weber.floor 4032, floors can be optimally and quickly levelled and thus prepared for the subsequent installation of flooring on top.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Check of substrate and preliminary works

    1. The substrate must be solid, load-bearing, dry and free of all adhesion-impairing particles. It must be checked according to the tests described in the specific application tip "Check of the substrate".

  2. 2. Adhesion-impairing contaminants on the surface must be carefully removed.

  3. 3. The substrates should be eventually roughened by grinding, milling or shot-blasting to improve bonding with the post-applied product.

  4. 4. Check the specific substrate and the field of the application prior to the application of any primer. In the case of absorbent substrates, use the acrylic bonding primer weber.floor 4716, diluted with water 1 : 3. Non-absorbent substrates must be primed with the combined bonding primer + scratch layer weber.floor 4705.

  5. 5. The floor levelling compound and the new flooring must be separated from all adjacent building parts (for ex. walls, pipe penetrations, pillars, columns etc.) with an insulation foam strip.

  6. Application

    1. The self-levelling high flow smoothing mortar weber.floor 4031 or the ultra flow smoothing mortar weber.floor 4032 are mixed with an appropriate stirrer or by machine according to the instructions in the technical data sheets.

  7. 2. weber.floor 4031 can also be applied by machine on the primed substrate in uniform lanes, starting at the lowest point of the substrate.

  8. 3. Afterwards the smoothing mortar is uniformly spread up to the required layer thickness either with a flat trowel or the notched blade scraper weber ABS Schwedenrakel and smoothed down.

  9. 4. Protect freshly installed surfaces from draughts and the direct effects of sunlight.

  10. 5. After sufficient drying, the chosen flooring (for ex. parquet) can be installed and glued with weber.floor adhesives.

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