Zwei Hände mit schwarzen Handschuhen verlegen Parkett mit einem Produkt aus dem Weber Klebstoffsortiment

Weber range of adhesives for floorings

12 adhesives – easy application – all fields of application

Top products clever combined

Saint-Gobain Weber offers floor and parquet layers a range of adhesives perfectly tailored to their needs: not unnecessarily bloated, but with everything they need for professional work.

The range comprises 12 adhesives, including multipurpose products with a wide range of applications as well as special solutions.

  • very low emission of VOC (EMICODE EC 1 / Plus)
  • for all common floorings
  • lean complete range
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Two for all cases - weber.floor 4890 and weber.floor 4836

The universal adhesive weber.floor 4890 lives up to its name: 

The fiber-reinforced universal adhesive weber.floor 4890 can be used for all common types of elastic and textile floorings. It is low emission of VOC (EMICODE EC 1Plus), and is suitable on underfloor heating and for shampooing (according to RAL 991 A2). It is very easy to spread and can be already covered after a short flash-off time.

Its counterpart among the parquet adhesives is the one-component STP parquet adhesive weber.floor 4836. The shear-resistant curing adhesive can be used for all common and especially deformation-friendly parquet formats and wood types. All four products are appropriate on underfloor heating and have a very low emission of VOC.

Produktverpackungen von dem Universalklebstoff weber.floor 4890 und 1-K STP Parkettklebstoff weber.floor 4836

The right solution for every task

Weber's adhesive portfolio consistently follows the principle of "slim, simple and complete". All floorings can be laid, while at the same time the product range remains clearly arranged. In addition to covering all areas of application and convenient processing, special emphasis was placed on storage stability.

All products can be stored for at least 12 months, many also for 15 to 18 months. Furthermore, all products have a very low emission of VOC and are allowed to carry the EMICODE seal. New containers are also part of the new adhesive range. In addition to an aesthetic appearance, these also contribute to sustainability. The attractive, anthracite-colored containers are made of recycled plastic.

From screed to adhesive for flooring: floor construction from a single source

With the new Weber adhesive range, you benefit from more clarity, lean stock-keeping as well as the opportunity to make full use of your craftsmanship.

As a big manufacturer, Saint-Gobain Weber also offers you all the other products for a complete floor construction: from high-quality levelling smoothing mortars, screeds and flow-grade screeds to levelling compounds and thin screeds to impact sound insulation systems and industrial floors.

Produktverpackungen des Weber Klebstoffsortiments als Pyramide angeordnet

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