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Safe integration of detail points within ETICS

Within the (main) surfaces an ETICS is a very simple and safe construction. The connection to adjacent or penetrating building parts, however is more challenging from a technical point of view. Such parts include the window itself and associated elements like awnings, railings, folding shutters, venetian blinds and blind boxes or the connection to the window sill.

Saint-Gobain Weber offers solutions for the perfect integration of these components into an ETICS system that are as simple and safe as the ETICS itself.

Grafik eines Flachdach-Hauses mit verschiedenen, nummerierten Details, die im WDVS integriert sind
  1. weber.projekt Iso-Corner

    The mounting brackets of PU rigid foam are suitable for the simple, low thermal bridge installation of folding shutters, railings and other - also safety-relevant add-on parts.

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  2. weber.projekt Iso-Bar

    The thermally separated fastening system for the subsequent fastening of add-on parts, such as awnings, canopies, trellises or air-conditioning units.

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  3. weber.therm SOL-PAD

    With the help of the rendering system weber.therm SOL-PAD, window sills can be easily installed in ETICS in a driving rain-proof manner.

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  4. weber.projekt Leibungsplatten

    The pre-coated prefabricated soffits are quickly and easily installed at the edge of the insulation.

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  5. weber.projekt Raffstorekasten

    Adapted system solution for assembly of blind boxes. The prefabricated blind boxes can be easily integrated into a building insulation and are configurable case-by-case.

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  6. weber Anschlussdicht

    The universal waterproofing for all connections around windows, window sills and facade socket areas.

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  7. weber.projekt Nistkasten

    This weber.projekt offers nest boxes for many bird species, insects and bats. The boxes of wood concrete and plaster base boards were specially developed for installation in ETICS.

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  8. weber.projekt UP-Einbauelement GIRA

    This GIRA element is a flush-mounted installation for the precise assembly of GIRA® System 106 door intercoms.

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Perfekte Integration - Details sicher in WDVS integrieren

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